Amy and Nefyn at Ness Gardens

Amy and Nefyn at Ness Gardens

Click for larger. All images ©Fresh Photography 2015

Finally-A long-overdue dry wedding in the UK! In fact, it was lovely at the rather wonderful Ness Gardens on the Wirral. We’d never shot this venue before but we’re glad we have now-What a stunning place. It’s a bit like a photographer’s playground-Everywhere you point your camera is another amazing shot. We could have spent a day just taking the bride and groom’s portraits, but time constraints meant we got about half an hour, so we literally ran around the place, taking as much in as possible!

Then it was off to Neston Cricket club to finish the day with Amy and Nefyn’s friends and family, pausing only to catch the dramatic sunset from the balcony. All in all, an amazing day and one that we’re proud to have been a part of.

All the love and luck in the world to you both!

Fresh. x