Amy and Nefyn at Ness Gardens

Amy and Nefyn at Ness Gardens

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Finally-A long-overdue dry wedding in the UK! In fact, it was lovely at the rather wonderful Ness Gardens on the Wirral. We’d never shot this venue before but we’re glad we have now-What a stunning place. It’s a bit like a photographer’s playground-Everywhere you point your camera is another amazing shot. We could have spent a day just taking the bride and groom’s portraits, but time constraints meant we got about half an hour, so we literally ran around the place, taking as much in as possible!

Then it was off to Neston Cricket club to finish the day with Amy and Nefyn’s friends and family, pausing only to catch the dramatic sunset from the balcony. All in all, an amazing day and one that we’re proud to have been a part of.

All the love and luck in the world to you both!

Fresh. x


Chelle and Dan at Seiont Manor

Chelle and Dan at the Seiont ManorChelle and Dan got married! And, quelle suprise, it rained..! As we always point out to our brides and grooms, if you want guaranteed weather, you’ve got to go abroad. And take us. Obviously. :)

Still, the rain didn’t put a dampener on the proceedings and being the adventurous sort, our lovely couple jumped in the car with us and we shot over to Llanberis to get some funky shots-Luckily it cleared up just enough to dive in and out of the car to get the shots we needed-And it was worth it! Despite getting stared at by some baffled locals from a pub in the middle of nowhere, we still had fun at the abandoned petrol pumps, the moody skies simply lending a more dramatic edge to the pics. :)

Congratulations Chelle and Dan-We had a properly good laugh and loved every minute of your day!

Much Love to you both,

Fresh. x


Fantastic makeup by one of our recommended suppliers, Keena Mellor MUA. Go to the link and show her some love!

The venue was the Seiont Manor, near Caernarfon-Find out more here: Seiont Manor


Hayley and Ciaran at the Rhos Fynach

Hayley and Ciaran, Rhos Fynach

Another new venue to us (despite spending a good portion of our youth drinking there), and once again, lots of details and homemade decorations bringing a bit of class to the wonderful wedding of Hayley and Ciaran! The rain came in the afternoon and it decided to stay, giving us some moody skies, a force ten gale and a stunning rainbow, but not too many chances to get out and get the pictures we love taking! Still, our plucky bride and groom braved it and we managed to get some fairly epic skies and floaty dress shots as a result! :)

Congratulations to you both, it was an absolute pleasure and we wish you all the best, love and luck in the years to come. :D

Natasha and Matt Cimelli at Trevor Hall, Llangollen

Matt and Natasha

Weddings at Trevor Hall, Llangollen

Sometimes couples will say they’ve done a lot of their own decorations at their weddings. Sometimes they’ve put a few candles out, other times they will dress the venue. Natasha and Matt’s wedding was different-They did everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything!

From the candy cart (built from scratch by Matt) to the wedding cake (Natasha’s handiwork), the marquee, the flowers, the giant balloons, the wedding shoes (decorated by Natasha on the morning!), even the beer tent was their own marquee. Every vintage touch was bought from eBay, snapped up on Etsy, borrowed from friends or rummaged for at car boots and the effect was stunning! I don’t think I’ve ever shot a wedding where there’s been so much forward planning happening and so much attention to the minutest detail. Oh-And their DJ during their wedding breakfast was a gramophone DJ. Awesome stuff! :)

All this in the shadow of Trevor Hall-A venue with one of the most eclectic collections of curios I’ve ever seen and an incredibly cool place to get married (even when it rains non-stop!).

Congratulations to you both-It was a day to remember thanks entirely to your efforts and an amazing experience for Fresh!

Ceri and Gavin at the Quay Hotel, Deganwy


Ceri and Gavin, Deganwy Quay Wedding PhotographerSometimes, the North Wales weather isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! You just have to make the most of what you’re given, and while the morning and afternoon of Ceri and Gavin’s big day saw it raining heavily non-stop (and two very soggy photographers), it finally dried up enough to go out for some pictures around Conwy, much to everybody’s relief-Especially ours! The rain wouldn’t stop us of course, but it’s so much easier if it’s not chucking it down. It also makes for some pretty epic clouds when the rain stops!

Now, occasionally in weddings we will bump into a bride and groom that we have shot the wedding of previously (the beauty of recommendations!), and this was no exception. The difference is, there was not just one couple, but three previous Fresh Photography couples at the Deganwy Quay Hotel for Ceri and Gavin’s wedding! We seem to have become the photographers of choice for the Eglwysbach massive… It really was fantastic to see everyone there looking as young and as glamourous as they did on their own days! :)

Here’s a sneaky preview of the wedding pictures of the new Mr and Mrs Kenrick-Wishing you both lots of love, luck and best wishes for now and your future together!


The O’Bryans at The Imperial and Bodafon Farm

Clair and Tom, Llandudno, Imperial Hotel, Bodafon Farm. Could this have been the most laid-back wedding in the world? Having already got married in Australia, Clair and Tom headed to Clair’s locality to get a blessing in front of her home crowd-And what a day it was! What seemed like half of Oz came with them-Many staying for a month or more on extended breaks. Starting in the frankly MASSIVE St Pauls Church in Craig Y don, moving onto the Imperial Hotel in Llandudno for the wedding breakfast, then finishing up at Bodafon Farm for the evening. We had singing twins, lots of kilts, a groomsman trying to mount a lama (or failing that, a highland cow with 2ft horns), a stunning sunset with epic clouds and finally more beer than any wedding has ever consumed in the history of weddings. Awesome. :)

Gareth and Nicola at Caer Rhun Hall, North Wales

Gareth and Nicola at Caer Rhun Hall, North Wales

Gareth and Nicola at Caer Rhun Hall, North Wales

A pub which opens up especially for you to have your wedding-morning beer, a last minute dash to find enough Champagne corks, a performance by one of Wales’s finest choirs (which Gareth and best man Dylan also happen to sing in), a harpist, allotment spreadsheets, lots of kids, lost keys (a recurring theme), some mock-victorian photography and a one of the last weddings to happen at a classic North Wales wedding venue. :)

Gareth and Nicky finally tied the knot, and despite the weather being a bit rubbish, it was a beautiful day, and one of the most chilled-out weddings we’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot!

Congratulations guys-Wishing you all the love and luck in world for your future together!

Fresh Photography

Bride and groom walk through field

Emily and Danny up the tree. Well, beside it anyway…

We’re usually on the ball completely when it comes to our engagement shoots-Trouble is, we live in Wales and the weather usually gets in the way. This is the third time we’ve arranged to do the shoot with Emily and Danny due to the weather, so you could say third time lucky-And only three days until the wedding!

*Emily and Danny are the original wedding crashers-We’ve seen them at more weddings than we’ve shot this year, lurking around the canapés, grabbing any free drinks that come around and dancing like nobody cares (we have the photographic evidence), but now it’s their turn!  We’re looking forward to being able to spend our time taking pictures of them, instead of just catching them lurking around, photobombing our meticulously planned backdrops… Looking forward to it! :)

(*Some or all of this paragraph may be a lie. Not the dancing bit though…)

We had a great laugh, the weather was perfect and I even got to try out my new lens. Happy days! See you both at the Kinmel Manor on Saturday! :)

Bride and groom in front of trees

I need a hero… The comic book wedding of Quita and Wynn

Wow-Just WOW! Where to begin? When we initially went to have a chat to Quita and Wynn about their wedding we were told it had a ‘bit of a’ Marvel/DC theme. We were expecting maybe a funky batman cake topper. What we got was an entire wedding themed around their favourite comic book heros! Awesome stuff!

The amount of work and detail that went into the day is immense. It took them 5 hours per pair of bridal party shoes to modge-podge them into individual hero themes-That’s 30 hours of work on the shoes alone. The cake was made by a relative and featured no less than 6 different characters, the even the chair decorations were hearts made from strips of comics.

We’d like to think that we rose to the occasion as well by doing a few shots with a comic theme. How about a groom in mid-air, both after a sonic death-punch and with Quita using the Force? Luckily Wynn is a wrestler and pretty athletic, although we might have asked a bit too much on the jumping front-Hope the knees are OK now Wynn!. There are so many shots we’d love to share with you from the day, but you’ll have to make do with a small selection for now! :) Enjoy!

Long lost love found-The wedding of Liz and Chris

We love a good love story-especially considering what we do for a living. We’ve been good friends with Liz for a LONG time, and she used to talk about Chris over a bottle of WKD down in our local pub more than she’d probably like to remember. How they’d be together one day, how good looking she thought he was, amongst lots of other embarrassing things… Sorry Liz! :)

Surrounded by friends and family at the beautiful Caer Rhun Hall in the Conwy Valley Liz’s wish finally came true and she married the man she’d been wanting to be with for so many years. It was emotional to say the least and we wish Liz and Chris all the love, luck and happiness in the world for their future together. You make the most wonderful couple together and you both looked so happy to be together-even in the moments where you thought nobody was looking! :)