Chelle and Dan at Seiont Manor

Chelle and Dan at the Seiont ManorChelle and Dan got married! And, quelle suprise, it rained..! As we always point out to our brides and grooms, if you want guaranteed weather, you’ve got to go abroad. And take us. Obviously. :)

Still, the rain didn’t put a dampener on the proceedings and being the adventurous sort, our lovely couple jumped in the car with us and we shot over to Llanberis to get some funky shots-Luckily it cleared up just enough to dive in and out of the car to get the shots we needed-And it was worth it! Despite getting stared at by some baffled locals from a pub in the middle of nowhere, we still had fun at the abandoned petrol pumps, the moody skies simply lending a more dramatic edge to the pics. :)

Congratulations Chelle and Dan-We had a properly good laugh and loved every minute of your day!

Much Love to you both,

Fresh. x


Fantastic makeup by one of our recommended suppliers, Keena Mellor MUA. Go to the link and show her some love!

The venue was the Seiont Manor, near Caernarfon-Find out more here: Seiont Manor