Emily and Danny up the tree. Well, beside it anyway…

We’re usually on the ball completely when it comes to our engagement shoots-Trouble is, we live in Wales and the weather usually gets in the way. This is the third time we’ve arranged to do the shoot with Emily and Danny due to the weather, so you could say third time lucky-And only three days until the wedding!

*Emily and Danny are the original wedding crashers-We’ve seen them at more weddings than we’ve shot this year, lurking around the canapés, grabbing any free drinks that come around and dancing like nobody cares (we have the photographic evidence), but now it’s their turn!  We’re looking forward to being able to spend our time taking pictures of them, instead of just catching them lurking around, photobombing our meticulously planned backdrops… Looking forward to it! :)

(*Some or all of this paragraph may be a lie. Not the dancing bit though…)

We had a great laugh, the weather was perfect and I even got to try out my new lens. Happy days! See you both at the Kinmel Manor on Saturday! :)