Do you ‘do’ shot lists?

Yes, we can accommodate your shot lists. All we would ask is that you give them to a bridesmaid or groomsman to organise the individuals and we’ll do the rest. We’re usually too busy shooting everything going on to organise people that we may not know into groups so any help on this front is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

What happens to the pictures once we’ve picked our album?

Once the wedding is done then ALL of the pictures are backed up onto several hard drives in several different locations for archiving. If you want to buy a duplicate disc then you can, but we will always keep a copy of your images which will be available to you at any time in the future unless you specify otherwise.

Why am I on the internet?

Sometimes we’re so proud of the pictures we’ve taken of you that we just have to display them as part of our portfolio. We hold the copyright to all of the pictures that we take forever, even though you have the disc and sometimes we’ll use them within our marketing materials. If you wish for this not to happen then just let us know. Not everyone wants to have their face on the internet or in a magazine and we understand this. We will always ask you before we go ahead and use a shot, out of courtesy. We’re nice people and hate the thought of anyone being embarrassed.

How is your pricing worked out?

We shoot the same number of pictures, for the same amount of time at every wedding we shoot. We take the same care and put the same attention to detail into all of our bookings, however big or small the wedding is. We NEVER cut corners when it comes to the images on your wedding day. We don’t have hidden extras and what you see is what you get. No nasty surprises!

Do you do video?

No, but we can recommend a good videographer if you want. We’re exceptionally good at taking pictures but a bit mediocre when it comes to the video side of things. We’re specialists in our field and not a jack of all trades company.

Can you recommend any suppliers of fine quality wedding products/services?

We most certainly can. We shoot a LOT of weddings and see a lot of the suppliers on a weekly basis. This gives us a unique insight into how good each of these companies are and how nice they are as people. We do not recommend people on price or as part of a reciprocal agreement, but because we have seen their work first hand and trust them to do a good job. You can find a rundown of the recommended supplier on our links page. We have venues, florists, videographers, bridal shops and bands amongst other suppliers.

Why is a midweek wedding package cheaper than a weekend?

The simple answer is supply and demand. We’re busier more often at the weekend than we are mid-week as the weekend is always busier with weddings. We can generally offer a discount for midweek weddings as we have less demand for our wedding photography services. Midweek is classed as Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday weddings are classed as weekend.

What if I don’t like my photograph being taken?

We often find that the couples who tell us, when we first meet, that they do not generally like their photos being taken, actually enjoy the wedding photography on the day. We have a fun and relaxed approach and are confident of capturing you at your best which helps to put you at ease and enjoy the photography. There is a big difference between having your photo taken by us as professionals as opposed to what you might have experienced with photos taken by friends or family.

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This page brings together our experience of the most commonly asked questions by those making an enquiry about photography for their wedding.

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