I need a hero… The comic book wedding of Quita and Wynn

Wow-Just WOW! Where to begin? When we initially went to have a chat to Quita and Wynn about their wedding we were told it had a ‘bit of a’ Marvel/DC theme. We were expecting maybe a funky batman cake topper. What we got was an entire wedding themed around their favourite comic book heros! Awesome stuff!

The amount of work and detail that went into the day is immense. It took them 5 hours per pair of bridal party shoes to modge-podge them into individual hero themes-That’s 30 hours of work on the shoes alone. The cake was made by a relative and featured no less than 6 different characters, the even the chair decorations were hearts made from strips of comics.

We’d like to think that we rose to the occasion as well by doing a few shots with a comic theme. How about a groom in mid-air, both after a sonic death-punch and with Quita using the Force? Luckily Wynn is a wrestler and pretty athletic, although we might have asked a bit too much on the jumping front-Hope the knees are OK now Wynn!. There are so many shots we’d love to share with you from the day, but you’ll have to make do with a small selection for now! :) Enjoy!