Natasha and Matt Cimelli at Trevor Hall, Llangollen

Matt and Natasha

Weddings at Trevor Hall, Llangollen

Sometimes couples will say they’ve done a lot of their own decorations at their weddings. Sometimes they’ve put a few candles out, other times they will dress the venue. Natasha and Matt’s wedding was different-They did everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything!

From the candy cart (built from scratch by Matt) to the wedding cake (Natasha’s handiwork), the marquee, the flowers, the giant balloons, the wedding shoes (decorated by Natasha on the morning!), even the beer tent was their own marquee. Every vintage touch was bought from eBay, snapped up on Etsy, borrowed from friends or rummaged for at car boots and the effect was stunning! I don’t think I’ve ever shot a wedding where there’s been so much forward planning happening and so much attention to the minutest detail. Oh-And their DJ during their wedding breakfast was a gramophone DJ. Awesome stuff! :)

All this in the shadow of Trevor Hall-A venue with one of the most eclectic collections of curios I’ve ever seen and an incredibly cool place to get married (even when it rains non-stop!).

Congratulations to you both-It was a day to remember thanks entirely to your efforts and an amazing experience for Fresh!