Nicola and James Whiteley at the Chester Grosvenor

Wedding Photographer, Chester Grosvenor

A fantastic bride and groom, great weather, a stunning venue and a great crowd of people-All the ingredients you need to make your wedding the day to remember that it should be!

Lit in Purple and with a distinctly purple theme about it, Nicola and James got married at the frankly awesome Chester Grosvenor on what looked to be the busiest shopping day of this century so far. The place was absolutely packed and it took three doormen to help out with the crowd control (thanks chaps!) just to get one shot outside the hotel! We ended up getting them to walk about 30 yards down the street towards us and the sheer amount of people that crashed the shot was unbelieveable, which just added to the scene!

Congratulations to you both-We had an absolute blast and loved every minute of your big day! :)


Fresh. x