Phillipa and Dave at the Faenol Fawr

Faenol Fawr Wedding Photographer North Wales

A bride and groom that are game for anything we suggested, a super-secret one-off location shoot, a classic North Wales country house venue and the funkiest campervan we’ve seen yet-Four great ingredients of a successful wedding!

As we often do here at Fresh Photography, we popped out the day before to try and find a location to whisk our bride and groom out to during the day to get our characteristic ‘epic album centrepiece’ shots that we’re known for. We went EVERYWHERE! Eventually I saw the place that I had imagined and tried to get access, but it’s completely closed to the public, covered in security cameras and signs and access is strictly forbidden.

Unless you’re friends with the head of security of course..! An hour of negotiating and arm twisting (and obviously, offers of beer) secured one-time only access to one of the grandest buildings in the North West, sadly abandoned but full of what we photographers term ‘character’. There’s nothing like putting an immaculately dressed bride and groom in a completely trashed area and catching the dichotomy between the two scenes in a single shot. :)

We managed to get some funky shots on the way back down the MASSIVE driveway as well-With some amazing ancient oak trees and vast blue skies offering their services as backdrops against the funky campervan (thanks to Nellyweds for taking her off-road and not being precious about these things-Amazing service!) and because I wanted a shot of the campervan in motion I put the life of the ever-willing Mighty Milton in grave danger by getting him to lean out of my car and drag the shutter as I overtook the camper on the way back to the Faenol Fawr. It worked and he survived so I’m not sure what the fuss was about… Sorry Phil. ;)

Gorgeous flowers were once again supplied by the very talented people at Dorothy’s, the extremely highly-recommended camper can be found here and of course, the Faenol Fawr provided a space for the ceremony, amazing food, shelter and hospitality, all to an absolutely impeccable standard for the day.

All the very best Phillipa and Dave-Thank you for using Fresh -We hope you have an amazing time being married! Love and luck to you both.

Fresh. x