Bride and groom walking over hill

Kirsty and Phil get married. No, not THAT Kirsty and Phil…

When we were asked by a friend if we’d be interested in shooting the wedding of Kirsty and Phil we got incredibly excited. Then we realised it wasn’t THAT Kirsty and Phil. Not to say we weren’t excited about shooting ‘our’ Kirsty and Phil’s wedding-We were! It’s just that we kinda hoped that the famous house-selling TV couple had decided to use Fresh Photography to photograph their wedding. The coverage we would have got and the drama it would have created in the papers would be great publicity due to the fact that they’re already married to other people in the real world… :)


Anyway, I digress-The Kirsty and Phil we shot on their wedding day were probably the cutest couple we’ve ever met-The story of how they met was gorgeous as well!  Small, intimate weddings are always fun as you get to chat to everyone properly and you get a bit more time to shoot the couple themselves’. 


The wedding was held at the Faenol Fawr, the stunning flowers were by the rather wonderful Top Table Wedding Services and an amazing time was had by all! :)

Zoe, Mike and the rubbery guard of honour…


Zoe and Mike Cripps, Bodelwyddan Castle, Faenol Fawr North Wales

Zoe and Mike at Bodelwyddan Castle and the Faenol Fawr. Click for larger version.












A castle, a country house hotel, a bike wheel guard of honour and not one, but two amazing cakes! Zoe and Mike planned everything from a distance due to Mike being in the British Army cycling squad and being posted all over the place in the run up to the wedding. Everything on the day was perfect though. Bodelwyddan Castle looked resplendent in the sun, and as Zoe pulled up in a convertible Bentley she was a picture of pure happiness. Mike had made an effort as well (mustn’t forget the boys!), his number one uniform looking crisp and a pair of shoes which you could use as a mirror!

Once the ceremony at the castle was done (along with a lot of pictures taken!), it was off down the road to the Faenol Fawr for the reception. An absolutely amazing day all round and I’m sure there would have been a few sore heads in the morning! The army boys know how to drink to put it mildly… Thank you for choosing Fresh Photography to capture your special day!